The authors of the history of

The health care of Mittenälvsborg
from then to now

Jan Kuuse Bengt Dahlin

Jan Kuuse

Associate professor in econamical history at the University of Gothenburg since 1971.
Specially he has investigated the growing Swedish community, the mechaniation of agriculture when Sweden became a industrialid country, the development of the swedish welfare sociaety, the labour market in the beginning of the 20th century, the shipbuilding industry, trade houses in Gothenburg, Other industries he has wrote about. L.M. Ericson, The swedish sugor company, Felix - a swedish food industry, Billingsfors papermill, Scandia - an insurance company and several other companies in the west of Sweden.

Associate professor in economic history at the university of Gothenburg since 1971.
He has specially investigated different aspects of the modernisation of the Swedish society and published books on following subjects:

  • The mechanisation of Swedish agriculture
  • The development of the Swedish wellfare state
  • The Swedish labour market in the 20th century
  • The Swedish shipbuilding industry,
  • The tradinghouses in Gothenburg,
  • The Telephone Company L. M. Ericsson
  • The Swedish Sugar Company
  • Felix - a Swedish food industry
  • Billingsfors papermill
  • Scandia - an insurance company
  • and finally some other companies i western Sweden.

Books in English published by Jan Kuuse:

  • Interaction between Agriculture and Industry. Case studies of farm mechanisation and industrialisation
    in Sweden and the United States 1830-1930. (1974)
  • L. M. Ericsson 100 years. Pioneer period - Struggle for concessions - Crisis 1876-1932 (1976) /together with two colleagues/
  • The Swedish Sugar Company - Cardo 1907-1982. Swedish Sugar in an International Perspective. (1983)
  • Beside these books he has also published about a dozen books in Swedish - the latest published 2003.

Bengt Dahlin

Fully qualified doctor (Examination in Gothenburg and certified 1957), General Practitioner (Specialist in general Practice, Allmänmedicin), District medical officer (past) in Korpilombolo 1959 - 1962 and in Gråbo and Lerum 1962 - 1995. Chief physian Primary Health Care in different periods and levels. Doctor honories causa 2000 (The university of Gothenburg).
The University Orator made this short presentation, marking the achievements of the honorand, in the year of 2000.:
"He has been clinical activ from Korpilombolo to Gråbo and Lerum and he has admireably assiduous worked to make General practice to a valid academical subject. He was involved in the early thesis in "allmänmedicin" (about general medicine). Early he took the initiative in training doctors. That made allmänmedicine to a forerunner in the education of doctors and in guidance of them in their studies. It also made allmänmedicine to a forerunner in the education of specialists in medicine. Furtheremore he was one of the initiater and builder of reseach and development (R&D) in primary health care. He has personally and activly elaborated medical informatics as an aid to classification of diagnosis and of information processing, specially for the healthcare records.
Above all the faculty of medicine will thank him for a considerable work for an improvment of quality in undergraduate studies in medicine. He was organizer and promotor in development of a new Consultation curriculum at the faculty. It became the start of a dynamic restructuring of undergrate education of physicians in Gothenburg.

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