The health care of Mittenälvsborg
from then to now

Specially we bring in focus Lerum, a district just outside Gothenburg

Jan Kuuse

The story is a compilation by
Jan Kuuse, docent in economic history at the University of Gothenburg.
Bengt Dahlin, formerly district medical officer
at Korpilombolo, Gråbo, Lerum,
honorary doctor in medicine at the University of Gothenburg.

Bengt Dahlin

Welcome to Västra Götaland and Mittenälvsborg!

Here in the heart of Scandinavia people have lived and worked for thousands of years. Trade and shipping, transport and business, agriculture and fishing, culture and tourism are features which characterise the internationally oriented region today.

In our website you will find a presentation of the health care in a part of the region, Mittenälvsborg.
A history which began in the early 1800 and is followed up till today. Sorry, we cannot give you the whole story in English but thanks for visiting us. Here we present the region where the story took place and who we are and about the scheme through:
English summaries: Introduction, Summary part 1. Summary part 2. Summary part 3. Epilogue.

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