Mittenälvsborg is a part of the region of Västra Götaland including the rural districts Lerum, Alingsås, Vårgårda och Herrljunga. It belongs to the region of Västra Götaland, which was established 1999 by a union of the county councils of Skaraborg, Älvsborg , bohuslän och the city of Gothenburgd.

The region Västra Götaland

1.5 million people of some 130 nationalities live in Västra Götaland's 49 municipalities representing 17% of the overall Swedish population. Geographically, Västra Götaland is one of the largest regions in Sweden with an area of 24,000 square kms, 300 kms long and 250 kms broad. Göteborg is the largest city and the centre of growth in the region.
The Regional Council with 149 members is the mightiest political decision-making body in the region. Members are chosen in public elections every four years. The council is responsible for healthcare, taking up 90% of the region's budget. Another important assignment for the Council is to create the best conditions for development of business, infrastructure, culture, tourism and environmental issues. It is the biggest transportregion in Scandinavia. Witn the biggest harbour in Gothenburg and four airports. It has a strong position in producing cars (Volvo and Saab), petrochemicals, drugs (Astra Senica), foods and electronic equipments. There are Universities with together 75 000 students. Tourism, culture and media are strongly established.

The preparatory work for the Council's business is done by the Regional Executive Board which is also responsible for executing the Council's decisions. The region counsil is authorised to levy council taxes.
The budget of a year is c:a 36 miljarder SEK. Of the income is taxes 64%, patient charges 3%, State subsides 12% and other 20%.
Hospital care 69%, primary health care 20%, dental care 3%, disablement care 2%, milieu 1%, culture and education 2%, public transports 3%.
The Region has about 50 000 employees most of them working in the care sector.
In the region there are 17 hospitals, 134 Health care centers och 168 surgeries for dental care.

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